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Videos · Muharram Ka Chand | Muharram Date | Muharram Kab Hai | 01 Muharram Date · Today Islamic Date | Aaj Chand Ki Tarikh Kya Hai. Download our Islamic calendar featuring important dates in Islam and Muslim holidays. Stay informed with key events in the Islamic calendar. Islamic date today , Hijri date today Hijri and Gregorian date year - Hijri calendar Hijri and Gregorian date Today's Hijri and Gregorian date. About this app. arrow_forward. The Islamic, Muslim or Hijri calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year of or days. The Hijri year or. Today's date tool enables you to know the Gregorian date and the corresponding Hijri date, in addition to knowing the day and hour according to local time.

Islamic & Hijri Calendar Stay updated with Hijri dates, Islamic events, and moon phases. Includes a convenient Hijri date converter. • Dua & 99 Names. Today hijri date,you can find what is the arabic date,gregorian date and solar date also you can convert between gregorian,hijri,arabic,solar date you can. Get to know the Hijri dates of your life's special moments with our date converter. Try it now! Date Converter. Upcoming Islamic Event. Share. Key Dates within the Islamic Calendar. KEY ISLAMIC DATE, GREGORIAN DATE IN *, HIJRI DATE. Al Isra' wal Mi'raj (The night journey and ascension), 8th. · Current Islamic calendar. Key Dates within the Islamic Calendar (Hijri Calendar). Key Islamic Date, Gregorian date in , Hijri Date. Al Isra'. Islamic Date Today - Hijri Date of Today / Islamic Date today as of Apr 20, is 11 Shawwal in Pakistan. The Islamic Hijri date today varies. The Islamic calendar has 12 months with 29 or 30 days. If the Crescent Moon is visible shortly after sunset on the evening of day 29, the following day is the. Check some key Islamic dates to donate at Islamic Relief. The Islamic calendar a new month can only begin after a waxing crescent moon. Islamic date today · Preview · Product features · Product details · Customer reviews. 5 out of 5 stars5 out of 5. 1. Islamic date today (April 20, ) in United States is 11 Shawwal Exact and accurate Today Islamic Date in United States updated daily at UrduPoint. Years prior to AH 1 are reckoned in English as BH ("Before the Hijrah"), which should follow the date. A year in the Islamic lunar calendar consists of twelve.

Hijri to Gregorian date converter converts Hijri dates into Gregorian dates via Hijri Date Converter & same for Gregorian to Hijri by The Hijri calendar is Islamic lunar calendar - find out important Islamic dates in the such as Muharram, Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha. Islamic Date today is 12 Shawwal in Saudia Arabia. Islamic date May - People often utilize the online Hijri calendar to find today Islamic date. 1st – Battle of Siffin – (36‐37 A.H.) 3rd – Birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir(a.s.) – the 5th Holy Imam – (57 A.H.) [Disputed date] · 6th, 8th or. For the rule-based Hijri calendar, see Tabular Islamic calendar. date Friday 6 March CE) on Mount Arafat Twelver Shia Muslims believe the Islamic new. Philosophia Islamica. Conversion of Hijri A.H. (Islamic) and A. D. Christian (Gregorian) dates. Century, Year, Month, Day. Month, Day, Year. Gregorian. The Islamic calendar (the Hijri calendar) consists of 12 lunar months. Find out key dates in the Islamic calendar for Today is Saturday, April 20, In the Islamic calendar, the date is 11 Shawwal Date, Value. Today hijri date, 11 Shawwal Today hijri date in United States and also Gregorian date and Solar Hijri date.

The Calendar app supports showing Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic lunar calendars. When you turn on a lunar calendar, the lunar calendar dates are listed along. Hajj Begins. 55 days left. June 14, - 8 Dhul Hijjah (Fri) · Day of Arafah. 56 days left. June 15, - 9 Dhul Hijjah (Sat) · Eid-al Adha. 57 days. Events. Islamic Dates. A.D. Dates. Shahadat Imam Hussain (A.S.), 10 Moharram, 15 April. Wafaat Janabe Sakina Binte Imam Hussain (A.S.), 20 Moharram. Islamic Calendar (Hijri) is an app for conversion from Gregory date to Hijri. A very useful app for our Islamic and Muslim community to determine the proper. Islamic Data Converter: Convert Hijri to Gregorian Date and Gregorian to Hijri Date - التقويم الهجري والميلادي, تحويل التاريخ.

Today, Saturday. Hijri date, 11 / 10 / GREGORIAN date, 20 / 04 / Hijri Month, Shawwal. GREGORIAN month, April. Number of days in Hijri Month, Date Navigator can be displayed in several views, depending on your choice of primary calendar and layout. Gregorian calendar with left-to-right layout Hijri.

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